Feb 8, 2019
CMBA Updates & News

COALITION FOR SMALL BUSINESS TAX FAIRNESS MAKES PROGRESS CMBA has published several articles about its work with the Coalition for Small Business Tax Fairness over the course of the last year. In May of 2018, the Coalition wrote to all the provinces to ask them to reject the federal government’s passive...

Oct 23, 2018
Bank Employees are Not Mortgage Brokers
Rick Thibert

CMBA-BC wrote to the commissioner of the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada in August to ask the agency to consider the subject of bank mortgage specialists in their review of the retail sales practices of banks. In particular, we explained...

Oct 23, 2018
Causes and Solutions Are Easy to See
Rick Thibert

By Samantha Gale CANADIANS, particularly those in major urban centres, have been immersed in a debate about housing affordability woes for over two years now. However Canada, by many accounts, is a newcomer to this issue. This discussion is old news...

May 25, 2018
CMBA Member Views

IF IT AIN'T BROKE In March, the B.C. Ministry of Finance issued a set of proposals which could have far-reaching implications for mortgage broker licensing and regulation in B.C. The proposals appear to adopt the concept behind Ontario’s new Financial Services Regulatory Authority, commonly known as FSRA. Specifically, the proposals include...

May 24, 2018
Trending In the Wrong Direction

Certain trends in the finance and real estate sectors across Canada have become very apparent over the course of the last year. No doubt, with the cost of housing reaching a tipping point for local affordability, the stakes for consumers of real estate, mortgages and finance products are higher than...

Aug 9, 2017
CMBA Ontario Conference 2017 - Award Winners

The recipient shall be a member who has exhibited exceptional leadership to develop an original or creative idea, establish a goal and promote the concept within CMBA-Ontario.Winner: Prakash Bector, Equitable Bank This award is given to a CMBA-Ontario member who, through their participation and dedication, has successfully promoted the goals, values...

Aug 8, 2017
Reading Minds & Reaching for Gold

On April 19 & 20, CMBA-Ontario’s Annual Gala, Conference & Trade Show returned to the Universal EventSpace in Vaughan where, between informative seminars, ample networking opportunities and eclectic entertainment, a good time was had by all.

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